Lending, Collections, Compliance, Bankruptcy

Carpenter Speakers Bureau represents many quality speakers, which present on the topics listed below.  Please contact Carpenter Speakers Bureau with the topics you are interested in, and the speakers complete list of topics and bio will be sent to you. 


Lending & Collections and Bankruptcy

Nuts & Bolts of Business Lending

Lending in the New Economy

Best Practices in Used Car Lending

How to Grow Your Loan Portfolio

Mobile Banking

2011 Escrow Accounting – Reg Z (Accounting & Lending)

Fair Lending Training

Loan Marketing

Growing Loans & Managing Risk in the Current Environment

Blue Ocean Ideas for Lending

Making Up for Lost Courtesy Pay Profits

Collections & Bankruptcy

Lending 2012 – More Regulations, More Foreclosures, More Bankruptcies

How to Make Better Loans



 How to Be a Successful Collector

Successful Strategies to Strangle the Competing E Lenders

How to Compete in Todays Lending Environment

Growing Loans and Managing Risk in Current Environment

Consumer Lending School (Application Process, Credit Investigation Process, Red Flags, Credit Scores etc.)

Top 100 Financial Institutions in Customer Growth

Improving Loan Interviewing &  Sales Skills

A  Full Understanding of FICO Credit Scores

Loan Decision Making – Underwriting

Reading & Selling from Credit Reports

Basics of Consumer Lending

Consumer Loan Policies – What Can we do to Improve our Lending Practices?

Best Practices for the Lending Department

Compliance & Regulations

Legislative/ Regulatory Update & Director’s Liability

Director & Officer Liability

Frank-Dowd Act

Marketing and Advertising Compliance

Regulatory Compliance: Deposits E, D, TISA, CC and Lending Z, B, RESPA

Reg CC and Frontline Staff

IT Challenges from Regulatory Agencies

Fact Act (311 & 312) Risk Based Pricing; Accuracy of Reporting to Credit Bureaus – Policies & Procedures Correct  

SAFE Act Compliance and Registration

New FOM Rules – How the rules have changed for your Financial Institution

Refinance Reform – Interchange Rules

Trust Accounts

Decedent Accounts

Compliance Requirements for Opening Deposit Accounts Online

Social Media Compliance

 Approval for Payday Loan Alternatives

 What You Should Communicate to Your BSA Officer or Compliance Person

Compliance Update

Risk Rate Your Loan Portfolio

FFIEC Authentication

Inside Compliance: How to Get Ready (for an Exam) and Work with Examiners

BOD Compensation Issues

Update on Wall Street Reform Act

How to Lead a Moving Target Compliance



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