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Carpenter Speakers Bureau represents many quality speakers, which present on the topics listed below.  Please contact Carpenter Speakers Bureau with the topics you are interested in, and the speakers complete list of topics and bio will be sent to you. 


Leadership & Management

Merger Issues for the Surviving Financial Institutions 

Transforming Today’s Challenges into Tomorrow’s Financial Institutions

From Manager to Coach

Excelling as a First-Time Supervisor

Everything Must Change

This Isn’t the Financial Institution I Use to Know

Staying Power: How to Gain the Lead in Your Industry & Keep It

Leadership – Even the Fun Stuff is Work

Effective Performance Management

Navigating the Currents of Change

Mastering the Art of Coopetition

A Glimpse of the Future: Leadership n the Transitional Economy

Best Bosses: 5 Benchmarks for Every Executive

Get Out of the Weeds: A Call for a New Approach to Leadership

Leadership: Transforming the New Workforce

Leadership Skills: Getting Others to Walk Your Talk

Leadership Strategies for your Financial Institution in a World of Change

Best Practices: What’s Happening in Financial Institutions & Positioning Your Financial Institution for Success
Reach Your Full Potential – Lead Your Team to Outstanding Service

Seven Great Habits You Have to Stop Today

Intentional Growth

Don’t Be Their Cheerleader…Be Their Coach

 The Future of Payments – Getting to the Heart of the Customer Relationship

 Achieving Operational Efficiencies through Collaborative Efforts

Business Ethics 101

Innovation by Design – Keeping Your Feet on the Ground and Your Head in the Clouds

Evolutionaries: The Missing Link in Your Organizational Chart’

Four Giant Steps to Leadership

Executive Development Session

Reality-Based Revenue Strategies

The Crash of 2008 – Implications & Opportunities for Financial Institutions

17 Classroom Teaching Strategies & Discover and Differentiate

Engaging Generations at All Levels

The Age Curve: Benefiting from the Demographic Storm

ROC: Return on Collaboration

H.R. & Training

The Payoff of Professionalism

Communication Skills for a Business Environment

Employee Day Training

Telephone Etiquette & Excellence

Developing Your Greatest Asset: Coaching your Employees toward Excellence

Time Management Skills to Accelerate your Performance

20 Ways to Motivate, Inspire & Energize Your Team

Building Your Relationship with Gen Y

Access, Plan & Achieve: Adapting Governance & Risk Modeling to a Digital Tempo Bridging the Loyalty Gap with the Younger Generation

Financial Literacy

Hitching Up the Winning Team

Bridging the Loyalty Gap – Gen Y

Achieving Operational Efficiencies through Collaborative Efforts

The Attitude of Opportunity

The Power of Full Engagement

Managing Multiple Priorities: Work Smarter Not Harder

Generations at Work

Tomorrow’s Supervisors Were Hired Yesterday: Importance of Coaching & Mentoring Employees

Improving Operating Efficiencies

Grow Relationships with Gen Y High, Gen Y U and Gen Y Pro

Engaging Generations at All Levels

Discover & Differentiate Capturing the Attention of the Next Generation

The Only Job You will ever need: Customer Service
Creating a Million Dollar Moment
Turning Around Customer Complaints




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