Carpenter Speakers Bureau represents many quality speakers, which present on the topics listed below.  Please contact Carpenter Speakers Bureau with the topics you are interested in, and the speakers complete list of topics and bio will be sent to you. 



Making a Difference

Pushing the Limits on What you Know and Do

Failure is not Final

The Wolf Pack Strategy for Financial Institutions

Digital Transformation in Financial Services – What Does it Mean for your Financial Insitution

What Does the Future Hold for Financial Institutions? Key Strategies to Remain Vibrant

Success the Hard Way: From Homeless to Harvard

Last Man Down: A Fireman’s Story of 9/11

Making Good Things Happen

The Song in You

Transforming Today’s Challenges into Tomorrows Financial Institutions

Become Unstoppable: Lead Your Team to the top of the Charts

Turning it around during Challenging Times

The Power of a Winning Attitude

Ten Steps to Help You Begin Again

Rekindling the Fire during These Challenging Times

Creating a Coaching Culture for Bottom Line Results

Banking on Change:What to do ‘till the Recovery Comes. Exploring the Marketplace for Financial Services 2011-2015

Last Man Down: A Fireman’s Story

10 Steps to Help You Begin Again

From Fighting the Storm to Dancing in the Rain

Leadership: Beyond the Limits – Lessons from Everest

The Rainmakers Strategies for Growth

Making Good Things Happen

Super Sonic Survivor

Can I have a Side Order of That? (Customer Service)

Mama Told Me There’d Be Days Like This (Motivation)

Striking Back at Mediocrity & Moving to Mastery

Entering the High Performance Wellness Zone in a High Demand World




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